The Practices and challenges of Induction Program and Its Enhance on Teachers Professional Development: In the case of Yeka Sub city Primary schools, Addis Ababa.

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to investigate the practice and challenges of induction program and it’s enhance on teachers professional development in Yeka sub city primary school; Addis Ababa. The research approach was mixed research that is quantitative and qualitative. Survey research design was used to investigate the problem. The research samples were composed of 143 beginner teachers, 86 mentors and 18 principals were selected in eighteen selected schools . beginner teachers, schools and mentors were selected by using simple random sampling method. school principals were selected by using available sampling method because they are available and the method is easy to carry. Questionnaires for beginner teachers, interview and group focused discussion were for mentors and principals respectively used to collect data. Statistics packages for social science (SPSS 20.0) were used to process the data. In addition to this descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentages mean and standard deviations were used to analyze the quantitative data. The findings revealed that induction program have been practiced in all primary schools, but. The practice and the performance were varying from one school to another. this was found to be challenged by a host of factors such as un pleasant learning and work environment, un trained mentors and principals, lack of resource materials, low commitment of colleagues Teachers etc. regarding to enhance for professional development of beginner teachers, lesson development and class room management techniques issues not highly valued by mentors. Finally, it was recommended that the woreda Education officers should improve the working condition of teachers’ in order to enhance beginners teachers’ motivation and committeemen towards the induction goals. Moreover, woreda Education office, sub city Education office and education bureau united to build the capacity of principals, mentors and teachers for broad knowledge or understanding about teachers’ induction program and its goals and importance. Key words: professional development, build capacity, induction program, practice and challenges



professional development, build capacity, induction program, practice and challenges