The Socio-Economic Reintegration of The Tigray People's Liberation Front Ex-Fighters In The Post 1991 Conflict: The Case of Dansha-Division Settlement, Tigray

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Addis Abeba university


The main objective of this thesis is to examine how the Tigray People 's Liberation Front ExFighters are integrated in the socio, economic and psychological dynamics of the Dansha Settlement Project and its surrounding civilian life after the civil war. More specifically it examines: firstly, the factors that contribute or hinder the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration program. Secondly, identifoing the relevance of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration program designed, facilitates provided and its outcomes. Thirdly, it tries to show the Ex-Fighter 's response to the economic, social and political environment ({(ter the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration program. Fourth, it assess how the resources, services, employment, and other opportunities are distributed fairly or may become a source of conflict; and finally it tries to outline the interrelationship among the Tigray People's Liberation Front Ex-Fighters and the receiving community. The study sample comprises six clusters, which are grouped by the target group samples are selected randomly Fom the Fame list of the selliers in the study area called Dansha-Division. Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods were used. A semi-structured questionnaire was administered to 200 Tigray People's Liberation Front Ex-Fighters, Focus Group Discussions were conducted with key groups; and in-depth interviews with key in{ormanlS were also conducted. Personal observation and available secondary data were also used during the research. Depending on the nature of data collected, both qualitative data analysis techniques and Statistical Packages for Social Scientists (SPSS) are employed to analyze and arrive at conclusions. Findings Fom the field survey reveals that many uJ the Tigray Peuple 's Liberatiun Frunt ExFighters do not have good feelings on the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reinlegration program and on the other hand the overall demobilization and reintegration endeavors done by the Transitional Government of Ethiopia has positive development. From the beginning the reintegration program designed and the support measures were oriented towards solving the economic problems with the aim of strengthening their economic capacities, however it has to be stressed that the findings clearly show that the economic reinlegration should complement by social support measures and in some cases by special psychosocial counseling activities. Currently there are serious errors in the implementation process of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration program particularly in realizing what the government has promised to the Tigray People 's Liberation Front Ex-Fighters and the reality on the ground (expectations) were not matched. Finally, it is very dijJicult to conclude that the intended goals of the program are achieved and Fom the long-term sustainability oj the Ex-Fighters, their current physical situation needs special allentions and curious Jollow up. The basic and strong pOints of the Dansha Selliement Program are carefully identified in this thesis and so much so that past predicaments will not remain part of the continuity of it. Key Words: Demobilization, Reintegration, Ex-Fighters, and TPLF



Demobilization;, Reintegration;, Ex-Fighters;, and TPLF