An Investigation of the Washback Effect of the Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate (Eslc) English Language Examination

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Addis Ababa University


This study investigates the washback effect of the ESLC English language examination Oln what happens in secondary school language classrooms. The study employed various methodological techniques such as questionnaire, interviews with Grade 12 English teachers, with the English Curriculum Designer, and with the Senior Expert in English Language Examination Development, and classroom Observation. Besides, to examine whether or not the ESLC English language examination mirrors the secondary school English textbooks, the contents and methods of the textbo, ks and the 1997, 1998 and 1999 ESLC English language examination papers were ~z';;d~ ~~d~ • The results of the study revealed that ESLC English language examination has an impact on the secondary school English language classrooms. Moreover, there was strong undesirable ESLC English language exam inat ion's impact on the teaching content and,to some degret;/"on f... A teaching methodo!Qg\' as \Veil as on students' study technique. E\'! (' ''~'' of :1cgati\'e \\'8')bb~ck on the \': ~:y t::: J.chers design testslexan1inations wa:J u.lso observed . The ESLC English language examination failed to ad equately reflect the secondary school English language textbooks. Based on the results of the find ings, concl usions were drawn and recommendations made.