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Background: Measles is a highly infectious viral disease that can cause permanent disabilities and death. We investigated measles outbreak to identify the magnitude and factors associated with measles in Cheta woreda, Kefa Zone, SNNPR 2016. Methods: We investigated 50 cases and 100 controls. We used a descriptive study followed by un-matched 1:2 cases to controls were conducted from February to March 2016. We defined a suspected measles case as any person with fever, rash, cough, and coryza or a person suspected of measles by a clinician. Four blood specimens were collected for laboratory confirmation. Data collection instrument was prepared. Multivariate logistic regression analysis was conducted by using Epinfo 7. Result: A total of 136 cases with AR 10.6/1000 and five deaths (CFR 3.6%) were identified. The median age of the cases was 3 years and IQR age was between 2 and 5years. Thirty-five of the cases (70%) and thirty-four (34%) of the controls were not vaccinated. Twenty-nine (58%) cases and 45 (45%) controls were males. The risk factors for contracting measles are - history of contact with suspected or confirmed cases (AOR=18.00 CI 4.31-80.46). Family size peoples living in one house more than five (AOR= 4.00 CI 1.34-11.98), Being vaccinated was protective effect from acquiring measles (AOR= 0.30 CI 0.10-0.78), Knowledge about measles disease is vaccine preventable (AOR= 0.27 CI 0.10-0.73). Conclusion: The most affected age group under five (54%) years followed by 5-14 (32%) years of age. History of contact with suspected or confirmed cases, Un-vaccination, living people more than five members and Lack of knowledge of mother or caretaker were associated risk factors. We recommended supplementary measles vaccination for under 15 children, strengthening of routine immunization defaulter tracing, strengthening of cold chain management and awareness creation in the community. Key words: Measles; Immunization; Outbreak; Cheta



Ethiopian field Epidemiology Training Program (EFETP)