Retention of Vitamin A and D3 InFortified Soybean Oil During Ethiopian Traditional Cooking and Shelf-Stability During Storage

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Addis Ababa University


Retention of vitamin A and D3 during cooking and shelf-life stability in fortified soya bean oil has been studied in other countries, but not yet in Ethiopia. Traditional cooking practice in Ethiopia is quite different from the cooking and food preparation of other countries. Yet, the impact of Ethiopian traditional food processing on the retention of the vitamins is not studied, as to our knowledge. And also most soya bean oil on other countries is produced from genetically modified soya seeds, but in Ethiopia, the oil is produced from organic (natural) soya bean seed. In recent years, fortified soya bean oil is widely available in Ethiopia. Since the oil is distributed throughout the country, its shelf stability should be studied as well. Therefore, this study was aimed to evaluate retention and shelf-life stability of vitamin A and D3in fortified soya bean oil during Ethiopian traditional cooking and storage. The shelf-life stability of vitamin A and D3 in refined, bleached and deodorized soya bean oil was assessed during six months of storage. The samples were stored at different storage temperatures; one sample was stored at room temperature (around 25°C) and another sample at 37°C. Accordingly, the stability of both vitamins A and D3 was decreased with increasing storage time and temperature. But, as compared to vitamin A the stability of vitamin D3 was highly reduced during the storage. The stability of vitamin A for oil3 (stored at room temperature) and oil4 (stored at37°C) during six months of storage was reduced by 5.42 and 8.77 % respectively. Whereas the stability of vitamin D3 for oil3 and oil4 was reduced by 59 and 62% respectively. Retention of vitamin A and D3 was evaluated by using the fortified oil for cooking of the food at 250°C for 80 minutes. At this cooking time and temperature, more than 60 and 97% of vitamin A and D3 were retained respectively. From this it was concluded that vitamin A is sensitive to heat, a significant level of vitamin A can be lost during cooking and vitamin D3 is sensitive to storage time, significant level of vitamin D3 can be lost during storage. It was recommended that, the oil should cook at less than 200°C for better retention of vitamin A and the oil should not store for longer time for better stability of vitamin D3.



Retention of Vitamin A and D3, Fortified Soybean Oil, During Ethiopian Traditional, Cooking and Shelf-Stability, During Storage