Perception Survey on Assessment of Barriers to Implement Green Supply Chain Management in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia: the case of South Addis District

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Addis Ababa University


In the early days the concept of Green Supply Chain Management was given to manufacturing organizations. But nowadays it is understood that all organizations must take part to reduce environmental pollution by greening the chain between suppliers and end customers. Because of the awareness created by several institutions and its economic purpose to all stakeholders, Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) is receiving an increased attention by manufacturing and financial organizations. In this study, the researcher aims to understand the barriers to implement green supply chain management practices and their solutions in commercial bank of Ethiopia. The study is based on detailed information about the necessity of green supply chain management and the challenges that the bank faces in implementation process. Unlike financial institutions much is studied by researchers about the necessity of green supply chain management on manufacturing industries. This makes the study significant to interested individuals like customers, suppliers of check bills and other relevant papers more than ever. The study adopts a mixed method of research design to reach at the desired result. Under quantitative research design a survey method that involves administering questionnaire to individuals have been used to find answers. In the mean time, the researcher adopts descriptive research type. In the process, a nominal data that represents qualitative research method has been gathered to characterize the demographic information of respondents. In analyzing the data gathered, it was established regression and correlation analysis between dependent and independent variables. It was established that lack of IT infrastructure, knowledge gap and lack of corporate social responsibility were the most identified barriers that prohibit commercial bank of Ethiopia from implementing green supply chain management. In addition, diverting primary objective of company, globalization, wrong first priority of suppliers and lack of education & training are the root causes to barriers of GSCM implementation in CBE. Furthermore, the relationship between GSCM practices and firm performance in CBE is found to be positively related



Barriers to implement GSCM, GSCM Practices, SCM