Current Practices and Challenges of Addis Ababa Museum

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this thesis is to investigate and to identify the current practices and challenges of Addis Ababa Museum. The finding of this paper will show when and how the museum was opened. The nature of current practices and its challenges are going to be addressed in this study. The number of Ethiopian and foreign visitors and amount of money generated will be clearly seen in the finding of this study. Moreover, the significance of museums to the general public in promoting culture, identity, history and economy will be discussed. Data will be collected in terms of interview, questionnaire, personal observation, photographs, archives and other means. Purposeful sampling will be used to select informants and individuals who are going to fill the questionnaire will be selected through random sampling. The finding of this study will recommend many stockholders to contribute their share in order to solve some challenges that are affecting the museum so that the country can generate good income from it



Addis Abeba Museum,Museums