Political Transition in Ethiopia Since 2018: Drivers, Challenges and its Implications in the Horn of Africa

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Addis ababa university


This study aims to examine drivers, challenges and implication of the new political transition in Ethiopia which has opened since 2018. The thesis particularly scrutinizes the causes, drivers of Ethiopia's new political transition, changes, challenges, and implications on the Horn of Africa region and IGAD. To achieve this objective, a qualitative research approach was employed. In this study, both primary and secondary sources of data were used. Thus, field data was collected through interview and focus group discussion which was supplemented by the literature. Based on this, the study argued different political transitions in Ethiopia were promised many positive changes at their opening phase, and reverted without achieving their initial promises and consolidated. Therefore, this thesis identified the drivers of the new ongoing political transition of 2018. People‟s movements resulted from a lack of equality, freedom, democracy, and the Addis Ababa Integrated Master plan, especially, for the Oromo‟s were among the driving factors. The youth, notably, students at a different level, educated part of society, academicians, intellectuals, activists, elites, political parties, and media; those were the main drivers of this new transition opened in 2018. Ideological principles against the democratic values and internal party fissure were also identified as another driving factor. Further, the research identified incomplete state formation, ethnic division, and communal conflict, internal people‟s displacement, youth population growth, etc…as a challenge. It has also peace, security, and economic implications on IGAD member states and the whole region. Based on the empirical discussions, this study concludes with the suggestion of real political dialogue, broader national consensus, and inclusive nation-building and state formation project, build strong democratic institutions and implement genuine federalism with real democracy, etc… for the success and consolidation of this democratic political transition. Key Words: Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, IGAD, Authoritarianism, Democracy, Political Transition



Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, IGAD, Authoritarianism, Democracy, Political Transition