Assessment of Project Management Maturity: A case study at Homa Construction PLC

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Addis Ababa University


This paper was conducted to assess project management maturity levels of Homa construction PLC with specific of objective of measuring and identifying actual practice of the company on managing various projects. The scope of the study was limited to projects takes place in Homa construction PLC. Descriptive research was used as a research design which was a framework for collection and analysis of data. Primary and secondary method of data collection used to collect data from six respondents and detailed literatures respectively. Semi structured questionnaires and interview used as a method to collect primary data and it were analyzed quantitatively through five-levels of maturity and scoring mean to assess maturity of the company in managing projects in eight knowledge areas. The data collected through interview were analyzed qualitatively to describe the current project management practice of the company. According the assessment made the company currently running on level 3 project management maturity. This presents Project management processes are well established and exist at organizational level. Management and technical processes are documented, standardized and integrated into some extent with other business processes. But this assessment also present that organization does not have fully integrated, quantitatively analyzed, measured ,stored and continually improved project management data and processes for all project management knowledge areas and sub elements. Since higher level of project management maturity ensures effective projects delivery and has a direct impact on project efficiency this study also recommend some points on observed gaps by referring literatures in each project management knowledge areas



Project management Knowledge area, project maturity assessment model, project maturity level