The Respect for Human Rights In Pre-trial Criminal Investigation (The Case of Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finfine)

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Addis Ababa University


This study examines the practical observance of human rights during criminal investigation in Oromia special zone surrounding Finfine. It attempts to analyze rights of suspects as it has been recognized in national, regional and international human rights instruments and effort is made to explore whether they are respected in the process of criminal investigation. Accordingly, data was collected from three police detention centers found the Oromia special zone surrounding Finfine. Data was collected both from primary and secondary sources. Primary data was obtained through interview, questionnaires and personal observation where as secondary data from different literatures, government files and legal documents are reviewed. Questionnaires were disseminated to 41 detained criminal suspects. Interview was made with key informants from criminal suspects, investigating police and prosecutors and head of police stations and Justice Office. The research mainly focuses on implementation of the already guaranteed rights of persons deprived of liberty for suspicion of committed crime. To this end, conditions during detention and interrogation as well as treatments in police custody are widely examined. Though the Ethiopia legal system has clearly indicated how criminal investigation should made and what rights should be respected in the process, they are not implemented well. The study has identified that sometimes police are arresting individuals without evidence, criminal suspects are not brought to court in the specified time, absence of notification of rights, long pre-trial detentions, condition of detention in police custody are below the minimum standard and absence of external monitoring system are major problems. Finally, the researcher has made recommendations that could rectify the existing problems.



Pre-Trial Criminal Investigation,Criminal Investigation,Human Rights,