An Assessement of the Implement of Media Regulatory Policy in Ethiopia: the Case of Selected Five Media

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of the current study was to assess how media policy and regulation implemented in Ethiopia. The overall objectives were to assess the implementation of the media regulatory policy with an emphasis on the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), Fana Broadcasting Corporate, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), Reporter Newspaper and Capital newspaper.The study focuses on media proclamation1238/2021. Research designs are types of inquiry with qualitative method approaches that provide specific direction for procedures in a research study, whereas research methods involve the forms of data collection, analysis, and interpretation that researchers propose for the studies. A qualitative approach is better suited to allow the researcher to investigate initial participant responses by using open-ended questions asking "why" or "how" so that the respondents can give detailed answers with full freedom and flexibility. To achieve this objective, data collected from the reporters,and assistant editors, editor in chiefs, on selected five media organizations were analyzed by using percentage form to interpret on descriptive way. In order to get the research participants, the researcher apply a non-probability sampling technique, snowball and purposeful sampling. The study used a sample of 120 participants from the total size of the five media outlets in the institutions. The major findings of the study are therefore; editorial policy of those selected five medias is not in line with the national media regulatory policy and other media policies, regulation, and proclamations. This is because journalists to access the policy, less publicity of the media regulatory policy and training in the media institution. Key words: - Media, Media policy, media regulatory policy, editorial policy, training, creating awareness.



Media, Media policy