Factors Affecting Self Employment of Unemployed Graduates of Government Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges in Amhara National Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to undertaken an assessment of factors that affect selfemployment of unemployed graduates of government TVET colleges of ANRS. To this end, answers to the basic questions pertaining to suitability of the rules and regulations of ACSJ and town municipalities, the level of support provided by WSME and WAP Offices, the relevance of the trainings provided by the colleges and the availability of inputs such as market access, credit access, premises etc., and measures to be taken were sought for. The research methodology employed in this study was descriptive survey. Accordingly, survey questionnaires and interview questions items were prepared and pilot tested and administered to a sample of 858 subjects composed of 6 deans, 140 instructors, 600 trainees and 112 unemployed graduates. A total of 834 (97. 2%) of the questionnaires were properly filled in and returned. In addition to this interview and document analysis were made to collect the necessary information Results obtained were analyzed by using descriptive method such as percentage and chi-square test. The findings of this study indicates that the rules and regulations of ACSJ and town municipalities were not suitable, the level of support provided by WMSE and WAP offices was low, the trainings provided by the colleges were not relevant. Moreover, trainees and unemployed graduates did not have the required and favorable allitude towards self-employment. Thus, to alleviate the above problems, recommendations were forwarded. Hence, all factors that negatively affect the effort of TVET graduates of the colleges of the region should be avoid and hence make the environment favorable. Besides, ANRS TVET Agency and the respective colleges of the region should be pay allention /0 the relevance of TVET programs. To this end, the curriculum nfTVP-Twhich is brought Ji"om MoE should be adapt to the specific situation of the region and design in line with providing knowledge and skills which are required by the local labour market. Hence, enable graduates to create their own jobs.