Factors Influencing the Export Marketing Performance The Case of Ethiopian Exporters

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Addis Ababa University


The general objective of this research is to examine factors that influence the export marketing performance of export Companies in Ethiopia, 2020. This study was conducted at the export companies operating in the Ethiopian, 2020. The cross-sectional design with a quantitative approach was used and the data were collected using the field survey method at one point in time for two months. In this study, 172 managers/owners were included during data analysis, and frequency distribution of the respondents’ and firms’ profile, Export market performance variable result was explored and presented using tables and a figure. Logistic regression was used at 95% CI to identify the degree of the positive influences and the associations existed between the outcome and covariates & those variables with P-value < 0.05 were reported and considered as statistically significant. A total of 172 respondents were interviewed and of those 134(77.90%) were males. The response rate was recorded to be 77.83%. The overall Export Marketing Performance (EMP) accounted for 105 (61%) [54.1% - 68.6%]. Six independent variables were used for logistic regression analysis. These variables were “CEP, EMSC, PUEMS, FMC, MO, and EO”. However, the result revealed that all of these independent variables were found to have no positive influence and have no significant association with the Export Marketing Performance and all the P-values were found to be >0.05. The level of the overall export marketing performance of export Companies in Ethiopia reveals a considerable higher finding. However, there was no positive influence and no significant associations were found between export marketing performance and independent variables. Therefore, further studies should be conducted by including more and other additional factor variables that haven’t been addressed in this study.



Ethiopian Export, Export marketing performance, Determinant of export marketing performance