Study on Dynamic Properties of Treated Expansive Soils Using Ferric Chloride

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Addis Ababa University


Expansive soils have characteristics of swelling and shrinkage with an increase and reduction in water content. This variation within the property poses a problem when used in the construction. Recent advancements within the field of geotechnical engineering dictate that alteration of soil characteristics by adding chemical admixtures will cut back or eliminate this situation. During this work, an effort has been done to analyze the effect of stabilization on the dynamic properties of expansive soil concerning the essential influencing factors. These include the shear modulus, damping magnitude relation characteristics, and resilient modulus for each of the untreated and chloride stabilized expansive soils. For this purpose, a cyclic simple shear test under the condition of sustained traffic load is used. The findings of the situations show that: for strain vary of 0.01 to 1 percent; the decreasing amplitude of shear modulus of treated soil with strain decreases around 1.2 times that of the untreated soil. Whereas the damping ratio of treated soil increases around 30 percent on average. Thus measured resilient modulus of treated soil is in the allowable range; it satisfies the need of operating performance of treated expansive soil. Moreover, the take a look at results showed that stabilization using chloride compounds encompass a nice impact on altering and improving static still as dynamic properties of expansive soil. So the theoretical reference for the promotion and application of chloride-stabilized expansive soil is going to be used as an alternate suggests that in sensible comes wherever such soil prevails.



Expansive, stabilization, chloride, shear modulus, damping, resilient modulus, amplitude