Challenges and Opportunities of Unemployed College Graduate Youth in Woldia Town

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Addis Ababa University


ABSTRACT This study was conducted to examines the challenges and opportunities of unemployed college graduate youth in Woldia town administration of North Wollo zone, Amhara Region. The research employed qualitative case study design. Semi-structured interview method was used to collect data. Sample for study was selected through purposive sampling procedures. The findings revealed that unemployment closely related to being unfair recruitment procedure such as selection via political affiliation and social ties; lack of good governance; complex loan accessing procedure; political unrest and lack of sufficient job creation programs. The situation seems to be challenging for the town administration. In this study findings revealed that in relation with their status of unemployment graduate youths faced psychological and socioeconomic problems including involved in political disputes and violence. It is found that there are no sufficient job creation opportunities, coordinated and toiled strategies to address the unemployment problem of today’s college graduate youth. It recommends that the local government, institution of higher education and the private sector players should increasingly promote and support youth entrepreneurial training and job creation programs as well as closely work to ensure accountable and transparent recruitment procedure to be in place. Key words: Youth, Unemployment, College Graduate Youth



Youth, Unemployment, College Graduate Youth