Assessment of Contractors' Qualification Criteria in Ethiopia Federal Road Project Tender Practices

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Addis Ababa University


In construction, tendering process is one of the vital stages. To award construction project for contractors must fulfill set of qualification criteria set by the employer. Thus, qualification criteria are an important aspect in the tender evaluation process the aim of this project to make an assessment of contractors' qualification criteria in federal road project tender practices. The project examines four different types of federal road project awarded by ERA in the last five years, and different in delivery type which are design bid build, design build and maintenance projects. The findings of this project revealed that qualification criteria used in federal road projects are not following any standard and didn't consider the size of projects in subject and found that the qualification criteria wide open to be manipulated by the employer. The project also shows the way how the qualification criteria must be handled to create fair and competitive for bidders. keywords: Tender, bid, tender evaluation, federal road, contractors' qualification



Tender, Bid, Tender Evaluation, Federal Road, Contractors' Qualification