Vermicompost Evaluation of Tannery Sludge Waste Residue for Soil Conditioning

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Addis Ababa University


Tannery sludge and the effluents in general are of large-scale environmental concern because they color and diminish the quality of soil and water bodies into which they are released. Their disposal into the environment creates adverse effects by altering the normal physiochemical properties of soil and water. This thesis is aimed to investigate potential application of tannery sludge waste residue for soil conditioning through vermicomposting process by Eisenia fetida and to address the environmental pollution problems in the leather-manufacturing. The performance of the compost was evaluated by biomass of salad grown on vermicompost. The experiments were conducted in circular plastic containers after earthworm-collection and culturing. The containers were filled with different combinations of tannery sludge in combination with cow dung and horse manure in different ratio. In the experimental period (45 days), different parameters were analyzed within a time interval of 15 days like pH, temperature and moisture during vermicomposting processes. While, electrical conductivity, the Total Nitrogen (%), Available Phosphorus (%) and Total Potassium (%) increased at the end of the process, while the % Organic Carbon decreased as the vermicomposting processes progressed. the research has demonstrated that vermicomposting serves different advantages and applications but the two main purposes for the welfare of humans as it helps in the degradation of tannery sludge waste and the vermicompost produced during this process is used as a natural fertilizer. The application and potential utilization of tannery sludge waste for soil conditioning effect has also shown in the increase a biomass of salad. Key word: Addis Ababa Tannery, Eisenia fetida, soil conditioning, tannery sludge, vermicast, Vermicomposting.



Addis Ababa Tannery, Eisenia fetida, Soil conditioning, Tannery sludge, Vermicas, Vermicomposting.