Analysis of the Forces Shaping Urban Expansion in the Case of Lagatafo Lagadadi Town, Oromia Special Zone

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The major objective of the study was to analyze the forces shaping urban expansion in the case of Lagatafo Lagadadi town. The study emphasized on descriptive research design. For the purpose of the study both qualitative and quantitative methods were employed. Both primary and secondary data source employed. The target population includes households, kebele leaders, land management agency and leaders of Lagatafo Lagadadi town. Probabilistic and non-probabilistic sampling techniques employed for this study. The participants of the study include 99 households; 43 employees and 6 key informants. The data was collected through questionnaires; interview; document analysis and field observations. Data collected using questionnaire to determine deriving force the urban expansion were analyzed using SPSS 24.0. Landsat images from the USGS were analyzed by using supervised classification technique in GIS to investigate the temporal changes of the land use land cover types. The results showed that only the built up land use shows an increment trend and the remaining land use land cover forest, agriculture, and open space showed a decline thought the years of 1995-2019 years. The yearly urban expansion rate was 5.70% for the past 24 years. The forces derived urban expansion in the study area were highly associated the factors of economic, infrastructure, proximity, neighborhood, physical, land values, land use policy and urban planning. On the basis of the major findings the study recommends the government authorities need to enforce strict urban growth policies in coming days. Proper urban planning is always needed to be emphasized. It is important for Lagatafo Lagadadi town municipality to enforce timely and appropriate land use planning which considers the requirements of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Regular and up-to-date information on urban land use changes is required to visualize growth patterns and improve urban expansion.



Urban Expansion, Forces Shaping Urban Expansion, Land use and Land cover type, Land use land cover changes