Philological and Textual Analysis of the Ethiopic Book of Amos

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Addis Ababa,University


This thesis focuses on the philological, comparative and textual analysis of the Ethiopic Book of Amos. Among the numerous Ge’ez manuscripts of the Book Amos, located with other prophetic books, the manuscript UNESCO 10.34 is worth studying. When one compares this manuscript with five other manuscripts, namely EMML 7584, Cambridge 1970, EMIP 01029, EMIP 01095 and UNESCO 10.04, one notices surprising phenomena. UNESCO 10.34 contains a considerable amount of unique readings, difficult to explain by scribal errors, by innovative readings. The interesting question would then be to try to explain the reason or reasons for such remarkable differences. One may not exclude here the probability of a Ge’ez translation from a Greek, Hebrew or Arabic text totally different from the one that used for the other five manuscripts. The full text of Ethiopic Amos according to the UNESCO 10.34 is displayed in chapter 2. In order to show the uniqueness of UNESCO 10.34, a table with six columns is prepared (Chapter 3). The types of differences are then presented in following chapters, as far as omissions, additions and substituttions are concerned. The research demonstrates the uniqueness of UNESCO 10.34, leading to need of further researches so as to ascertain the original language and text from which this interesting manuscript has emerged.



Philological and Textual Analysis