Application of Good Governance Principles for Urban Land Development and Management in Addis Ababa City Administration: the Practices and Challenges in Yeka Sub-City.

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Addis Ababa University


This research is aimed at assessing land development and management practices and challenges in Yeka Sub-City administration. The study assessed the problem by applying good governance principles under the five good governance dimensions. In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, literature review was undertaken that includes previous studies, various land management books and manuals. Thus with this literature review a conceptual framework was developed and a feasible methodology has evolved. Questionnaires, interview and document review checklists were used as research tools to collect data. The qualitative data was analyzed using narrative explanation. The findings of the study revealed that land development and management processes are not transparent to the service users. Weak citizen participation in the land development and management and unequal treatment of clients in the service provision were observed as key problems. The study also revealed that service users were dissatisfied on the performance of land development and management officials in their service delivery for different needs. Finally, based on the findings of the study, recommendations were forwarded. Key Concepts: Land development, land management, good governance principle



Land development, Land management, Good governance principle