Epidemiology of Bovine Trypanosomosis in the Abbay Basin Areas of Northwest Ethiopia

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Tsetse transmitted animal trypanosomosis is a serious constraint to livestock production and agricultural development in Ethiopia. Part of Abbay basin (Blue Nile) in northwest Ethiopia is tsetse infested where animal trypanosomosis is a serious threat to economic development. The objct:ti\'cs of the study were to generate a base line data on epidemiology of tsetse and trypanosomosis, to assess trypanocid\l! drug resistance and to know the community awareness regarding the disease and control methods in the area. The study was conducted between September 2003 to April 2004 in Dcmbecha and Jabilchcnan wercdas of the Abbay basin areas of northwest Ethiopia. The study methodology was based on questionnaire survey, seasonal cross•sectional studies of tsetse and trypanosomosis and longitudinal study for the assessment oftTypanoc idal drug resistance in the field. The questionnaire survey indicated that trypanosomosis IS the most important problem affecting the animals and impeding agricultural activity in the area . Entomological survey revealed t hat Glossinam SIIbmorsifalis was the OnJy prevalent tsetse fly along with Other hiting tabanid and muscid flies. TILe apparent Oy d7nsities were significantly higher(and 26.6±4.3SD (p0.05).The resul ts of Diminazinc aceturate efficacy showed 16 animals became recurren t infections with T. Collgolellse but there was no significant difference between trypanosome incidence rate and trypanosome recurrt!nce rale. Therefore. trypanosomosis is the most Important probl em for agricultural activity and animal production in the Abbay basin areas of northwest Ethiopia (Derr.becha and l abitehcnan weredas of Amhara Region) and the situation is getting worse as the control and prevention of trypanosomosis is facing a challengc due to limitation of vector control activities and the development of drug resistance in the area



Epidemiology/ Bovinc/ Trypanosomosis! Glossina III. sllbmorsilans/ Drug Resistance! Survival Analysis! Season! Altitude/Abbay Basin! Dembechal labitehenan.l Nonh\.\ est Ethiopia.