Environmental and Social Impacts of Stone Quarrying Activities in Addis Ababa: In the Case of Bole Sub City, Oshe Locality

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Addis Ababa University


The study aims to assess the environmental and social impacts of stone quarry in Addis Ababa Bole sub city woreda 12 in oshe locality. Bole woreda 12 is one of the 10 woredas in Bole sub city and oshe locality is located in eastern part of the woreda where the quarrying activities are highly practiced, It is geographically located between 80.56’50.46’’ latitude and 38o.48.49’E. It has employed a descriptive survey design. The study area was purposively selected based on the concentration and environmental pressure of quarry activity. 169 household heads and 36 quarry laborers from the community resides around the three quarry sites in Oshe locality and 9 EIA experts from Addis Ababa EPGDC were selected using simple random sampling technique. The data were collected using survey questionnaire, key informant interview and field observation. It was analysed by using descriptive statistics such as frequency distributions and percentages. The major socio-environmental impacts of stone quarrying that the study finds in the study area were the reduction of agricultural yields, farm obstacle, loss of biodiversity, loss of habitat and deforestation, landform change, landscape change, block free movement of animals, death of livestock, death of human, property damage, air pollution (dust), water pollution and health related impacts on the community of the study area such as sneezing, coughs and eye problems



Quarry; Biodiversity; Pollution; Impact