Practices of Knowledge Management in Private Secondary Schools of Arada Sub City

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the practices and problems of knowledge management in private secondary schools in Arada Sub City in Addis Ababa. In this study, mixed research approach under descriptive survey research design was used. Mixed research provides a better understanding of the research problem and question than either method by itself. Six private secondary schools were included in this study in Arada Sub City .65 school teachers selected by simple random sampling techniques and 6 principals were selected by purposive sampling techniques method. Questionnaires, interviews and document analyses were used for the purpose of collecting relevant data. Data obtained thorough questionnaires were analyzed using statistical tools average mean. In addition to, this, data gathered through interview were also analyzed in narrative form. The finding of the study revealed that knowledge management practice in private secondary school was at moderate level. Based on the finding, lack of adequate internal facilities, shortage of time to share knowledge and the absence of clear policy on knowledge management were problems of knowledge management on private secondary schools. Based on the finding, it is concluded that there was a medium level of knowledge management practices by the teachers of private secondary schools is identified by the researcher. The researcher concluded that there were no adequate internet facilities provided for teachers and there was lack of an overall policy or strategy on knowledge management. In line with the above findings and conclusions it was recommended that private secondary schools should provide internet access to teachers and needed to adopt a clear policy regarding to knowledge management. The school management should also create conducive environment for teachers in sharing knowledge among them.



Practices of Knowledge Management