An Appraisal of the Effectiveness of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to Promote and Protect Human Rights in Ethiopia: With Particular Emphasis to Hawassa Branch Office

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Addis Ababa University


This study aimed at examining the role of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission- Hawassa Branch Office to promote and protect human rights in SNNPR. Overall, the finding of the study shows, that the Ethiopian EHRC efforts to establish branch office in SNNPR is a good beginning to make its activities geographically and operationally accessible . It was, however, revealed that the its promotional and protective activities were held operationally inaccessible and inadequate to conform with the minimum standards of the Paris Principles due to financial, manpower, institutional and co-operational hurdles. It was found that the branch office promotional activities and strategies were inadequate to create meaningful awareness to target groups as well as the public at large. It was also observed that, the Office’s protection efforts by redressing human rights allegations to victims and reliefs to victims and averting the risks of secondary victimizations were insufficient. Moreover, its protective functions through monitoring, research, as well as advisory roles remain inadequate. So the paper propose the possible recommendation that the office should have to strengthen its operational effectiveness.



human rights in SNNPR, Human Rights Commission, human rights Hawassa