An Assessment of Monitoring and Evaluation of Participatory Small-Scale Irrigation Development Program (PASIDP) at the Ministry of Agriculture & Natural Resources

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Addis Ababa University


This project work was prepared with the objective of identifying challenges that affected the M&E system of PASIDP at the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development-National Program Coordination and Management Unit. To achieve its objective, the study employed descriptive research approach and used both primary and secondary data. Questionnaire, interview, and document review were used as data collection tools. Furthermore, it employed purposive or judgmental sampling technique. Data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) and was presented in the form of tables showing frequencies & percentages with detail interpretation. The study revealed that the M&E system of PASIDP at the NPCMU had several challenges. Some of the M&E problems identified were lack of separate M&E plan, lack of MIS to facilitate the M&E activities, staff capacity limitation, inability to prepare baseline survey to facilitate program evaluation, problem of ensuring data quality coming from regions, and inadequate project progress monitoring. Based on the findings of the study, recommendations were given to strengthen the M&E system of PASIDP II, which is in the first of its seven years program, at the NPCMU. Recommendations include preparing separate M&E plan for PASIDP II, developing MIS system to facilitate M&E activities, providing adequate & relevant training to develop capacity of M&E and other experts at the NPCMU, preparing baseline survey within the first year of PASIDP II implementation, developing mechanism to ensure data quality coming from regions, conducting timely and consistent project progress monitoring



M&E plan, MIS (Management Information System), Project Progress Monitoring