The Effect Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Market Share: A Case Of Brewery Industry In Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


In recent years, Corporate Social Responsibility has been attracting heightened attention throughout the world. Stakeholder expectations of the business have increasingly ranged from maximum profits to strong levels of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Previous research into effects of CSR on Business Operations and Performance has yielded mixed results. Research on CSR in the Ethiopia context has however been minimal. Business managers in Ethiopia have actively embraced CSR in recent years, but there are still questions on how CSR affects the business operations and Market Share. The study has been conducted on the basis of the quantitative and qualitative research techniques to assess the nature or practice of CSR and effect of CSR on Market share in the selected brewery industries located in Addis Ababa. Data were collected through questionnaire. elicit their perception about the nature of CSR in their respected companies. Finally, the data collected through the questionnaires were coded, entered into computer and analyzed and presented in the form of tables using SPSS version 20 Software. Hence, it is through analysis of the direct relationships that insight is developed between the dependent and independent variables. Market Share (dependent variable) was found to have a strong positive relationship with CSR (independent Variable) Environmental oriented responsibility, consumer oriented responsibility, and community oriented responsibility, Legal responsibility and Market Share. This dissertation concludes with a discussion of the implications of these findings as well as recommendations for further research in the area



Corporate Social Responsibility, ); Market Share, Stakeholders