Performance Assessment of Road Maintenance Project Management in Addis Ababa City Administration

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Addis Ababa University


Addis Ababa City Roads Authority manages and implements the construction and maintenance of roads within the Addis Ababa city Administration. Different literature support efficient performance of road infrastructure projects is essential for economic growth and development of the country, and data indicate that there is a high range of new construction of road coverage in Addis Ababa. Despite the growth of new road construction there is decline of road maintenance projects and there are different reasons mentioned as factors that affect road maintenance project management performance. Basically the aim of this research is to assess approaches to improve road maintenance projects management practice by tackling the challenges for future practices. Through detailed review of different literature on theoretical and existing practice of different countries, it is able to develop questionnaires. Then distributed to all the 32 target population, which are professionals within Addis Ababa city road maintenance projects in Addis Ababa City Road Authority and the advisor Transport Design and Supervision works. Through the questionnaires survey of road maintenance professionals comprised of project managers, lead engineers, team leaders, office engineers, site engineers and civil engineers only 21 participants give their answer. Quantitative data was analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software and interpreted to frequency and point scale. The results indicated that, even though inadequate funding has higher factor that influence the performance of road maintenance project management, there are other factors such as no privatization of road maintenance work and lot of paper work had significant effects on the performance of road maintenance project management practice. The study also found out that not having standard manual and guideline did not have effect on the performance of road maintenance management practice. It does not mean that the organization does not need them but the standard manuals are mostly adapted. The study recommends that Addis Ababa City Road Authority need to improve its road maintenance project management practice by considering different factors that affect road maintenance. Moreover, the Authority has to introduce different technology into road maintenance project management.



road maintenance, project management, performance factors