Strengthening of Concrete Columns by Confining with Fiber Reinforced Polymer Wraps

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Large numbers of structures turn out to be unsafe to use because of changes of design code, changes in use, lack of quality building material and construction error every year. Thus, strengthening, repairing and retrofitting of these structures for safe usage of the community is becoming a must. Columns are member of structure that resist vertical compression loads and these members may experience severe damage due to low deformability and axial capacity. One way of strengthening this structural part is confining concrete columns by wrapping fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) around the perimeter of column sections. This strengthening technique confines the column cores and increases their load carrying capacity and ductility. In this study, strengthening of concrete cylinders by FRP confinement is experimentally investigated. Two group of concrete sections which are circular and rectangular with a subdivision of plain concrete, concrete confined laterally by steel ties and concrete confined by both steel ties and FRP wrap of different layers are considered. An axial centric compressive load was applied to all the specimens. The results of the experiment show that FRP confinement is capable of increasing axial load carrying capacity and can be used to strengthen deficient columns. In addition, some theoretical models were used to associate with the experimental results.



Concrete Columns, Fiber Reinforced Polymer Wraps, FRP