Assessing the Status of Business Intelligence Information System: The Case of Nib International Bank

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Addis Ababa University


Companies are having a hard time dealing with challenges such as Server capacity, information load, limited applications, data processing, and network interruptions. A good BI system infrastructure can improve their performance. Several researches contributed several methods of system development for better management of business intelligence. But none or only few of these researches specifically cover the banking sector in Ethiopia. In 2013 Nib International Bank launched TEMENOS Insight system, the 2010 version, in order to deal with the business intelligence in decision making, queries, reports and online analytical processing (OLAP). This study tried to make extensive literature review and exploration of on-premise and cloud-based BI models and architecture with their respective benefits and challenges. Consequently, the survey concluded an integrated hybrid business intelligence model and related architecture are essential for better performance of the bank. BI users and experts were targeted for the case study to evaluate the banking system, related hardware and their implementations in a quantitative survey. Some changes in the IT infrastructure are found to be essential in order to realize the full potentials of BI system. The survey suggested additional IT infrastructure components for the banking system; for example, Middleware for Data Warehouse Layer, Visualization MapReduce services for architecture Service layer & Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) for End User Layer. Generally, the bank carries out on-premise BI deployment model with all the necessary hardware, software and application systems residing in the headquarter of the bank. But it was identified that, the bank is dealing with several difficulties in the existing deployment design consisting of separately arranged layers. The survey results recognized that the enhanced and integrated hybrid BI system was found to be appropriate for managing large volumes of data and classified information from various sources. Basically, IT systems need continuous development, checkup and upgrading. These changes can enhance the current level of skill in BI system operations. The IT infrastructure can also become easy to follow up for maintenance and update purposes in a well-organized way.



Business Intelligence System, On-Line Transaction Processing, Extract, Transform, Load, Data Warehouse, On-Line Analytical Processing, Nib