Assessment of Ethical Dilemmas in Covering Political Issues: EBC in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


The study is all about assessing ethical dilemmas in political news reporting focusing on EBC. The main aim of the study is to assess ethical dilemmas in covering political issues focusing on Ethiopian broadcasting corporation (EBC.) The study questioned if the news on political issue were fair, impartial and balanced. The study Considered the ethical decision making process in relation with professional standards of journalism, i.e. accuracy, accountability, balance, fairness, objectivity and impartiality or other journalistic ethical norms. Social responsibility theory & framing theories were used as theoretical lens and other professional & ethics theory goes with the discussion in laying the foundation of the study. The research employed a combination of qualitative and quantitative research method i.e. the mixed way. The quantitative data collected & coded using a coding sheet, 57 were coded and analyzed using coding sheet & measurement. The qualitative data was collected through in-depth interview conducted with 6 key informants working at Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation. Using SPSS for the content analysis was employed. The finding shown as Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation was highly favoring the government agendas through source utilization and allocation of time and resources through a thorough coverage of government officials through exhaustive coverage of their meetings, press conferences & speech. The result of the study the stipulates government set the agenda for the interest of political propaganda the ethical issues also assessed on the basis of accuracy, fairness, balancing the stories objectivity and bias. The researcher recommends the station to draw a due attention in the allocation of time in the news for other responsible parts like the society or citizen as a source.