Readiness Assessment of Zewditu Memorial Hospital to Implement E-Health

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Addis Ababa University


On this technology era information technology become the major tool for supporting of health sectors. The e-health technology enables cost-effective and secure use of information and communications technologies in support of health and health-related fields. At present there are information about how the e-health technologies improve the quality, the performance and the safety on the healthcare. But worldwide the readiness to adopt the technology is very stumpy. Moreover most of the e-health technologies either fail or fail to be properly utilized in the world therefore assessing the readiness level of hospital is very essential. The aim of this study is to assess the technological, environmental, organizational, strategic, and people readiness to adopt and implement e-health in Zewditu memorial hospital. Due to the flexible nature, STOPE framework is used as an evaluation tool. Predominately, this study follows quantitative approach and supported by interview data gathered from key hospital management offices. Survey questioner and interview is the major data collection tool. The interview was made for managements and medical directors in the hospital. Before direct distribution of the whole questioner the pilot test was made for 35 respondents of Black lion hospital. Based on the pilot study some modifications are made on the content. Smart PLS was used for reliability and validity test of the both the measurement and evaluation model. On other hand demographic statics data are calculated by SPSS version 16. Relatively the result of the study shows that strategic, organizational and technology domains have good significant values with e-health readiness but the people domain needs more work before implementation of e-health technologies. The environmental constraint specifically the resource and economy domain also have lowest value than the others. Therefore serious attentions should be given for this domain.



E-Health, E-Health Readiness, E-Health Adoption, E-Health Implementation