Assessment of Project Managers’ Competencies in the Construction Industry; with special reference to Team Role Inventories.

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Addis Ababa University


This research is about the assessment of project managers’ competencies with special reference to Belbin’s team role inventories. Emphasizing on project-based organizations at the current construction industry. The purpose of this research is to asses Project Managers’ level of competency against knowledge, performance and particularly personal in order to ensure which Belbin’s team role inventories clustered behaviors can add value to project effectiveness and efficiency specifically at the construction industry. As defined on PMBOK competency is the skill and capacity required to completing assigned activities within the project constraints. To achieve the research objectives using descriptive research design; data were collected from 48 individuals by using multistage random sampling of clusters of probability-sampling design. A mixed approach was used to analyze the data. The study result shows that project managers’ were competent against behavior, knowledge & performance. However, they exempt weakness at safety management and high level of strength at quality management. The awareness level on team role inventories is less but not null. Out of the nine-clustered behaviors’ the cluster behavior Resource Investigator is the highly recommended behavior respondents believe that the project manager shall have. As well agreeing that using team role theories at construction companies’ project teams is a value adding aspect. Keep in mind this good result is a start for project managers’ to strive for even more. The competency of project managers’ can affect projects both in a negative and in positive way so, experimenting with additional theories and concepts of project management can actually take the construction industry one step ahead.



Project Managers, Competencies, Construction Industry, Team Role Inventories