Assessing The Practice Of Project Monitoring & Evaluation: The Case Of Norwegian Refugee Council (Nrc), Shire Area Office By:

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this research is assessing the practice of monitoring and evaluation system for NRC Shire area office. To achieve its objectives, the study adopted a descriptive survey research design and used both primary and secondary data. The primary data was gathered through questionnaire and interview. SPSS statistical package was used to edit, organize and code the data to analyze and review. Secondary data was based on documentary analysis which includes organizational documents, research works and books published on the topic. The target populations for the study was taken from the total population of the program staff in Shire area office & country office of NRC Ethiopia, which contains a total of 51 employees. The findings were presented using tables, then analyzed using means, standard deviation, percentages and frequencies. The researcher has analyzed the gap in implementing the M&E system effectively in NRC shire area office; the difference between the existing M&E practices and what ought to be. According to the research findings, NRC shire area office has a gap in implementing the well planned M&E system of the organization. This is due to lack of expected knowledge from program staffs about the M&E practice, limitations in implanting the well-defined organizational structure in the M&E system, lack of proper attention from management team for the M&E activities and Result based management not being fully implemented in the M&E system of the area office. After analyzing the findings, the researcher put a conclusion to improve the effectiveness in the M&E system of NRC shire area office and address the problems associated with implementing effective M&E system in organizations. Accordingly, NRC shire area office should ensure all program staffs have the knowledge and understanding of the M&E system of the organization, the Organization should ensure the organization structure incorporates M&E not only in planning stage but also in program implementation, finally it is suggested that management must be innovative and integrate Result Based Management (RBM) with all aspects of the M&E system.



Monitoring & Evaluation practice, Organizational Structure, Organizational Management, Result Based Management (RBM), Feedback Mechanism.