Compatibility of Interest and Personality Profile of Urban Health Extension Workers with Current Practices in Addis Ketema, Yeka and Gulele Sub cities, Addis Abeba

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Addis Ababa University


The main focus of the study was to explore the relationship between job performance and initial interest as well as personality of Urban Health Extension Workers in Gulele, Yeka and Addis Ketema sub cities. To arrive at the intended target a descriptive in its nature and a health facility based cross-sectional design was employed and using quantitative approaches. The study participants were women urban health extension workers whose employment period greater than six months. In this study some appropriate statistical tools like percentage, means, standard deviation, correlation and multiple regression method was used. Accordingly results indicated that social, enterprising interest and extrovert personality had correlation with awareness creation; introvert, conventional and investigative occupational interest had positively correlated with documentation. Social occupational interest and extrovert personalities found to be the predictor of the overall achievement of Urban Health Extension workers. However, the community culture of Ethiopia need to be considered as the extrovert people may be taken talkative and unstable which affect the acceptability of the community. Thus, the supervisor advice before deployment of this people and follow up is highly required. Human resources managers and related professionals can use these finding to selecting and appointing Urban Health Extension Workers to achieve the desire goal