An Assessment of Stakeholders Management Practices and Challenges in Gibe-3 Hydro-Electric Power Project: The Case of Salini Impregilo SPA

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Addis Ababa University


Stakeholder management is important because it aids an organization's strategic goals by understanding and influencing both the external and internal environments, as well as fostering positive stakeholder relationships. In recent years, project execution, especially large ones with many stakeholders, has been fraught with challenges. In this study, the aim is to identify the stakeholder management challenges faced by the EPC contractor organization Webuild (formerly Salini-impregilo SPA) during the implementation of the Gibe-3 Hydro Electric Power Project in Ethiopia's Southern people nation and Nationality region. Moreover, the research will assess the existing practice of stakeholder management of the company during the implementation of Gibe-3 Hydroelectric Power project. A descriptive research design was used, as well as a mixed method approach that included both qualitative and quantitative methods. Using SPSS version 20 software, the survey data is quantitatively analyzed using descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The quantitative data was statistically analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences, while the qualitative data was analyzed by comparing the findings to the literature. Furthermore, validity and reliability will be considered. Key stakeholder recognition, qualitative stakeholder analysis, tracking, and control, as well as stakeholder management preparation, key stakeholder reaction in managing stakeholder problems, and quantitative stakeholder management analysis, are expected to be the main findings. Finally, recommendations were made based on the study's results.



Stakeholder Management, Hydroelectric Power project, stakeholder relationships