Magnitude of Turnover Intention and Associated Factors Among Health Care Professionals in Public Primary Hospitals in North Shewa, Amhara Region, Ethiopia, 2020.

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Addis Abeba University


Background:One of the most critical issues in public rural town primary hospitalis the high turnover intention of skilled manpower. Good workforce retention is vital to ensuring wellfunctioning health services capable of delivering improved health outcomes.Many factors such as salary,work environment and supervision influence the turnover intention. Objective: To assess the magnitude of turnover intention andassociated factors among health care workers in public primary hospitals in North Shewa,Amhara region. Method:A health facility-based cross-sectional study was conducted in public primary hospitals in NorthShewa,Amhara region from March 15 to June 15,2020, on 316 health professionals working in public primary hospitals usinga simple random sampling technique. The data were collected using pre-tested self-administered structured questionnaires. The data was entered into Epidata version 3.1 and was analyzed using SPSS version 23 software.Descriptive statistics were conducted to summarize the sample characteristics and to calculate the mean score as a cutoff point so that those below the mean score(mean=2.9) were considered as having a turnover intention. Result: Out of 316 health professionals who responded to the questionnaires,175(55.4%) of them reported to have intention to leave their current work place. The result showed that the socio-demographic factors were not significant, where as insufficientsalary[AOR=3.03(95%CI:1.24,4.41)],insufficientincentives[AOR=2.19(95% CI:1.10,4.04)],insufficient supply of equipment and supplies[AOR=1.93(95%CI:1.04,3.49)],shortage oftransportationaccess[AOR=1.89(95%CI:1.23,2.81)],workload[AOR=1.76(95%CI:1.02,2.41)],ins ufficient development and training[AOR=1.74(95%CI:1.00,2.45)],unsatisfied with the management bodies[AOR=1.700(95%CI:1.07,2.97)]and unavailability of clean water[AOR=1.67(95%CI:1.08,2.67)]and p<.001 for all factors were significantly associated with turnover intention of the health care professionals. Conclusions and recommendation :The magnitude of intention to leave among health care professionals working in public primary hospitals of North Shewa Zone Amhara Region was high. So it would be necessary to recommend that the hospital managers, the Zone health department and the region health bureau could be collaborated in order to reverse this intention and retain the health professionals based on these determinants found in this study.



Turn over intention,Health professionals,Primary Hospitals.