An Assessment of The Impact of Medium of Instruction on Non-Amahric Linguistic Background Students in Selected Primary School in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The study was aimed at assessing the impact of a medium of instruction on students of non Amharic linguistic background in Addis Ababa. There were two problem areas: enrolment and performance of these students. Performance in this regard mostly focuses on participation of students in academic and extracurricular activities. Four groups of informants: 125 migrant children, 50 teaching staff, 30 parents and 4 Addis Ababa Education Bureau officials were considered as sources of data. Oral interview and chainlike questionnaire were designed in two languages and distributed to the informants. The data obtained in such a way were analyzed using percentage and descriptive narration techniques. The analysis of the data indicates that the medium of instruction has its own influences on performances of students. Most of the migrant students do not participate in group work, presentation activities, peer learning, asking and answering questions. As far as enrolment is concerned, the findings show that most students like to attend their lesson in their previous schooling language than Medium of Instruction in Addis. Because they do not have constructive attitude towards learning in Amharic as they cannot communicate well. The research shows that students lap at least a semester to fit to certain academic norm. Therefore, it is imperative to put a system by which they get home-school language familiarization.



Impact of Medium of Instruction