The Accommodation of Ethnic Diversity in SNNPRS: A Comparative Study of Ethnic Accommodation between the Ethnic Groups of D’irashe Woreda and other Ethnic Groups of Segen

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis attempts to assess the ways of ethnic accommodation between the ethnic groups of D‟irashe Woreda and that of Segen Zone. Contemporarily, accommodation of ethnic minorities has become a hot issue in many parts of the world. Consistently, the thesis highlighted the recent global issues of ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural minorities and the ways of accommodating their rights. Indeed; the corner stone used as a device of accommodation in Ethiopia is its federal political system. Of course, the research analyzed the reason why federalism is introduced in Ethiopia, its way of arrangment, and the mechanisms how it has been managed and accommodated its ethnic, linguistic religious and cultural minorities. Furthermore, it discussed the geographic and institutional arrangements, the exercise of political power and other instrument of ethnic accommodation in SNNPRS. Among the seven multi-ethnic Zones of SNNPRS, Segen Zone is the one which is recently established having eight ethnic groups that are arranged in to five Woredas. Generally, as a central team; the thesis assessed the ways of ethnic accommodation in comparative perspectives using different parameters such as: recognition, representation, self-determination, distribution of infrastructure, power sharing on the executive organ and participation of the people in the political, economic and social affairs. Finally, the study suggested possible devices of accommodating the minority ethnic groups existing in D‟irashe Woreda and Segen Zone.



Of Ethnic Diversity In SNNPRs,Ethnic Groups,