The Use, Application and Integration of Religion/Spirituality in Clinical Social Service: The Case of Clinical Social Service Providers in Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba University


This study aimed to explore the contribution religion/spirituality makes in the process of helping patients in clinical social service. Utilizing a mix of online and paper survey research, this random sample study of clinical service providers explored participants’ attitude/perception as a measure of their consent or disagreement towards including these two concepts in practice and their practical use of religious/spiritually integrated interventions. The responses obtained from 67 practitioners to RRSP Likert-type scale Index of 14 interventions mostly showed indifference on the utilization of religious/spiritually integrated interventions. However, practitioners that were involved in religious establishments agreed more to the integration of religion/spirituality in practice, utilizing it in 75% of their cases as opposed to those working in secular institutions. Data collected through surveys generated results from practitioners of governmental and nongovernmental institutions that are mainly engaged in three clinical fields; mental health, HIV/AIDS and child care. Results indicate that professionals in the field of child care agreed to use these concepts more than those in the field of mental health and HIV/AIDS. Practitioners' professional attitude toward the role of religion and spirituality in clinical social service was found to be the most important predictor of intervention in this sample. The study includes a review of existing literature related to religious/spirituality in health care. Future researches should explore the actual need for religious/spiritual integrated practice in Addis Ababa and the effective use of evidence-based spiritually integrated interventions as alternative ways of coping with health problems, especially in palliative care. Key words: Religious/Spiritually integrated interventions, mental health, HIV/AIDS, child care, clinical social work



Religious Spiritually Integrated Interventions: Mental Health; HIV/AIDS; Child Care; Clinical Social Work