Assessment of the Drawbacks Pharmaceutical Supply of Chain of Communication:The Case of Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency

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The main of objectives of this research was to assess Assesment of the drawbacks pharmaceutical supply of chain of communication:the case of Ethiopian paharmaceutical supply agency. Methed .In this study a mixed methed descriptive survey research design and depth interview were employed Questionnaire were distribute among 100 respondents who were purposely selected from the agency .All the respondents have a direct relations and involvement with the pharmaceutical supply chain communications. Also two key policy and decision makers were selected for interview ..The observed finding indicated that work the organizational effectiveness of pharmaceutical delivery in terms of quality, safety and time by Storage and inventory control practice, Order fulfillment, relations, client service management, Transportation and distribution system with even though the learners ensured using the above mentioned pharmcuticalsupplay communication fine, Resalt EPSA positively has strong information exchange with the branch hub before drug expired The drawback of communication in pharmcuticalsupplay chain logistics knowledge base were the other most typically experienced challenges Lack of accuracy of quantification/forecasting.Then leaders have not effective problem solved towered internal communications and the agency have equal understanding about their vision, and mission in addition to pharmaceutical supply chain the agency have not strong productivity, drug wastage, Cries management handling have good practice in the agency because covid 19 EPSA.Based on the findings it was recommended that the agency should develop their awareness about the various kind of connection strategical properly but, 65% satisfaction is measured in term of drug delivery, continuously practice using customer focused services inorder to improved the information exchange mechanisms other than letter and telephone cells need of the patient. here has to be a figure percentage indicating that from the total respondents 60%% of responanets said …..this and that. Because descriptive survey on what opinions and perceptions on the problem of chain supply communication is there in the agency. Conculsion This study sharing information is essential for organizations to learn from each other in the supply chain. the effectiveness of pharmaceutical distribution in terms of quality, safety and time by Storage and inventory control practice, challenge an others followed by lack of collecting receivables ,lack of modern management techniques, poor exchange of information, lack of integrated system, increasing logistics cost, insufficient logistics management capacity, and inability to access and apply the growing logistics knowledge base were the other most experienced challenges Lack of accuracy of quantification/forecasting



pharmcuticalsupplay communication, information exchange and Lack of accuracy of quantification/forecasting