The Role of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture for the Improvements of Urban Household Food Security

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Addis Ababa University


Urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) is a dynamic concept that comprises a variety of livelihood systems ranging ji-om subsistence production and processing at the household level to more commercialized agriculture. The overall objective of the study was to analyze the contribution of UPA to urban household food security in Bishojiu town of the Oromia Regional State. The scope of this research is limited to investigating and explaining the contribution of cereal crop production (wch as tejf, wheat and pulses), Horticullural crops (like onion tomato, potato and others) poultry and livestock raising aclivilies (do minanliy dairy cow keeping) in Bishojiu town. Both first hand and secondmy data have been used to generale Ihe required inji.mnalion jor the sludy, some of Ihe secondmy dala sources were books, journals, survey and personal observation. Simple descriplive slatistical tools such as percentage, mean, and the like are used in describing the final result. Most of the farmers engaged in UPA activities provide their producls to the nearby market so as to generate income, specially young jarmers who keeps dairy cows, poultry and vegelable producers practice UP A with the primal)l nolion of income generation; on Ihe contrary, those HH heads with many family members engaged in cereal crops production with the primary aim to cover their family consumption needs. While some of the farmers permanently engaged in UPA, the majorily of them involved in other type of jobs and undertakes UPA as a part time work so as to diversify their income. Although UPA make a good contribution in enhancing food security, employmenl opporlunity and income at household level, the allention given by the local governmenl bodies in Bishojiu town is minimal. In order to enhance its bene/it, there is a need to work in a more coordinated way by urban farmers, local organizations, municipal aUlhorities and an interdisciplinary researchers is required in idenlifying problems, potentials and planning jor/oint action in the filture by ali of the stakeholders in Ihe seclor.



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