Computer Application on Construction Works Payment Certification

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Addis Ababa University


The construction industry is one of the largest industries influencing the country’s economic status. In Ethiopia the construction industry is mostly blamed of the extended time and cost. Out of the many reasons for the elongation of time, lack of proper management system is the prominent one. And the proper management system consists of automating routine works and focusing on the unstructured challenges. Payment certificate processing is one of the tasks that need automation in a computerized system. This paper work tries to show the theoretical background of payment certification. Asses the trend of payment processing and identify the critical tasks that necessarily be performed and the ones that can be omitted. Based on the assessment, the study introduces a new chart that proposes the way payment certification shall be processed. The new chart of activity flow, if computerized, can reduce the time wasted on payment certificate processing. To demonstrate the proposed idea model software is developed and tested. Finally the paper tries to show the implication of the findings on the concerned parties.



Computerized system