The Right to Social Security of Public Servants in Ethiopia: Assessing the Challenges and Prospects

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Addis Ababa University


International commitments and constitutional obligations bind the government to furnish social security protection benefits for those of who are in needy. Social security protection is a basic human right, which is indispensable for the welfare of human existences. Social security is the safeguard that provide by community or governments for the particular group of society to ensure income insecurity, particularly in case where they face the unforeseen events of life (such as sickness, employment injury, maternity, unemployment, medical care, and old age) that possibly diminish the earning ability of an individual.1 Access to social security is globally notable as a human right, under the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCRs). Nevertheless, it is too far to fetch its enforcement, and is not as such easy to get to the majority vulnerable in society. Ethiopia is one of the state parties to the ICESCR and affirms to achieve the goals of the Covenant.2 The state has already been committed to the social security scheme, since 1961. This social security scheme had targeted only the government emp1loyees (hereinafter referred as to the public servants), until the year 2011.3 Although Ethiopia has adopting been social security-related legislation for public servants, the social security system employed by the state was not inclusive and did not comprehensively incorporate the required elements of social security system. Because of this, some of the public servants have been pushed, and deprived of enjoying the right to social security. This research intends to explore and analyze the challenges that obstruct implementing the right to social security of public servants. In addition, the study will explore the prospects of the right to social security of the public servants in Ethiopia. KEYWORDS: - Social Security, Social Insurance, Social Assistance, Pension, Public Servant



Social Security, Social Insurance, Social Assistance, Pension, Public Servant