A Study of Current Problems and Challenges of Some Selectd Addis Abeba Long Distance Running Event Athletics Clubs

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Addis Abeba university


The aim of this study is to dig out the current problems and challenges of Addis Ababa long distance athletics clubs. A descriptive survey research design was adopted to understand the current problems and challenges of Addis Ababa long distance clubs through questionnaires, interviews and observations which were thematically analyzed. The sample consisted of twenty male and twenty female athletes, experts and long distance coaches in some selected Addis Ababa athletics clubs. The key theme emerging from the data was the strength of identification of the problems and challenges related to the all activity of long distance running in some Addis Ababa long distance athletics clubs. The study focuses on the central role of training and preparing to run, and how these contribute towards participants’ sense of running identity. This study provides a series of linked themes exploring the culture of long distance running, so as to revive a deeper understanding of the participants’ running experience and improve the cooperative works among the long distance running athletes



Study of Current Problems