Assessment Factors Affecting Project Performance: A Case Study Of Bishoftu Town Cobblestones Constructionprojects

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Addis Ababa University


The success and failure of any projects depends on its performance .the road construction sector is one of the key sectors of Ethiopian national economy. Nevertheless, it undergoes through several problems that affect project performance in terms of project performance parameters like time, cost and quality. This study was conducted to identify factors affect project performance in the case of Bishoftu town cobblestone road construction. lThe lmain lobjective lof lthislstudy lislto lidentify lthe lfactorlaffecting lthe lproject lperformance lin lthe lBishoftu ltown lcobble lstone lconstructionlprojects. The methodology applied is descriptive design along cross sectional method as the study focuses on identifying and describing those factors that affecting the project performance. The sources of the data for the study are primary data and review of the documents. Questionnaires were the main instruments used in this study. The target population size of the study was 89 respondents. This study was undertaken in Bishoftu Town cobblestone road construction projects. The questionnaires were distributed to all target respondents from which 64 filled in and returned. The data used for this study comprises the cobblestone projects started in the last two years from 2010 E.C. the projects reviewed were 10 from the 51 projects that were selected using purposive method. The respondents for this study were contractors, consultant, client and regulators auditors. From both analysis of the primary data and secondary, it was found that there were problems of project performance in the town. lTheltoplten lmostlinfluentiallfactorslthatlwere laffectinglcobblestone lprojectslperformance lare lawarding lof lthe lcontractltolthe llowestlbidders, lescalationloflmateriallprice, lpoorlplanninglandlscheduling, lclients lemphasis lon llow lconstruction lcost, llow lparticipation lof llocal lcommunity lin lthe lproject limplementation, ldifficulty lin lweather lcondition, lexcessive lbureaucratic lcondition, lpoor luse lof lproject lsoftware, lclientslemphasislon lquick lconstruction linstead lof lquality. Having such kinds of factors, the management would decide to minimize problems to ensure the project objectives. Further study should be conducted in the factors affecting project performance in the construction both in private and public construction sectors using inferential statistics in order to enhance generalizability in the sector.



project quality,project cost overrun,lprojectdelay., projectmmanagement,, cobblestone construction