The Experience of Persons Affected by leprosy; Specific to the Implication of leprosy on their lives: the Case of Amhara Regional State, Dessie Town

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Addis Ababa University


With twelve in-depth interview participants and ten focus group discussants the study has made an effort to explore the experience of persons affected by leprosy. For this effort a qualitative method with case study approach as a specific method have been employed. Persons affected by leprosy with leprosy related visible deformities has been participants of In-depth interview and focus group discussions. In-depth interviews, observation, focus group discussions and document reviews were utilized to collect data. Thematic analysis was used to analysis the data that has been collected from field. The findings include the following points. Persons affected by leprosy have limitation in activities which involves their hands and feet due the deformities and loss of sensation on their hands and feet. Persons affected by leprosy face a problem to endure their marriage as well as in getting married because their families, in-laws’ and the adjacent community discriminated against them. The study depict they are free to became members of local informal organization like Idder, Ekub and Mahiber however, they have limited roles. The study also reveals persons affected by leprosy faced income lose, they lose their employment and face restriction in getting employed. Besides, persons affected by leprosy use different coping strategies to win out the challenge



Leprosy; Stigma; physical impairment;social participation;marital relationship and employment.