Developing Patient Information Record System Integration Framework for Ethiopian Hospitals

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Addis Ababa University


Health information system integration is bringing together different systems into one so that the system is able to deliver the overarching functionality and ensuring that the different systems function together as a system. This research mainly focused on the problem that describe public health information from one hospital may not be used by other hospital in the absence of integrated HIS. The main objective of the study is developing patient information record integration framework of health information systems for hospitals with specific objectives of, setting the architecture vision and business architecture of hospitals based on the existing system of hospitals information system and to propose the way the new systematic approach can be used to implement integrated patient information record. The scope of the study covers two private hospitals namely Girum General Hospital and Kadisco General Hospital. The open group architecture framework (TOGAF) has been employed as methodology and through this methodology interview and observation were the data collection mechanisms. The finding of the study was that, There is a better way to integrate patient record system of hospitals by using an enterprise architecture specifically, TOGAF for this study. This was done by employing architecture development method life cycle of TOGAF. The architecture vision and principle has been set the business, data, application and technology architecture has been described for both the baseline and the targeted system. TOGAF supported opportunities and solutions have been set as a systematic ways to implement the integrated patient information record system for the hospitals. Requirement management was also prepared and recommendations have been given to hospitals to use TOGAF to review and develop their health information system. This study plays a role in showing ways to integrate HIS of hospitals. Future studies can be done on how the private, the government and different health sectors can be integrated to give better services.



Developing Patient, Information Record, System Integration, Framework for Ethiopian Hospitals