Compensating Victims of Torture in Ethiopia: The Case of Bodily Injury in Anti-Terrorism Prosecution

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Freedom from torture is an absolute right and is guaranteed under the FDRE constitution as well as international human rights instruments ratified by Ethiopia. Despite its absolute nature, it is one among the rights repeatedly violated throughout the country and the coming of the anti-terrorism law of Ethiopia increases the magnitude. One of the impacts of torture is it can bring bodily injury to victims. And such an injury can mess up their life. This makes it necessary to have an avenue for a legal remedy. Despite the extent of the problem, the practice of compensation claims in our country doesn’t offer much prospect. Based on the collected data, the study finds out that there is a lack of practical applicability of this right in our court as a result of different challenges starting from lack of financial capacity of victims up to the weakness of the judiciary.



Torture, remedy, terrorism, compensation, human right, constitution, victim