The Impact of Loan Performance on Management in the Ethiopian Banks for Three Years from 2017 to 2019

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The study intends to assess the impact of loan performance management in Ethiopian banks from 2017 to 2019.Banking operation uses the processes of managing its operation. Out of 18 banks operational in Ethiopia which are operational in the country I have selected three banks on the basis of their generation of establishment and their ownership status. To make the research broad based and convey the message to the respondents I have designed to both borrowers and bankers but no anyone of borrowers are willing to respond questioners therefore I have revised them and fit for those bankers who are working on the loan activities. The population size was 125, out of it 121 were responded. The questioner designed in English language and classified into three sections. The research designed structured and self-administered questioners to those selected respondents. The research approach is quantitative or numeric descriptive and the research design is explanatory type. Dependent and independent variables and the moderators are identified and analyzed and explained in the paper. This thesis consists of five chapters which start from chapter one introduction, chapter two literature review, chapter three the research methodology, chapter four the data analysis and the last chapter five conclusion and recommendations. This research has strictly followed the AAU Master’s degree research standard. In this research the problem statements and their research questions are raised with its pertinent issues. In these, certain findings which were suspected in the hypothesis questions were revealed and proposed in the recommendation sections. Research questions and the related issues were organized, assessed and analyzed on the basis of the international research methodology hat are helping to answer these questions. In line with this there are a few factors that are influencing the impact of loan performance management were also discussed. The data are analyzed and carefully coded and checked for consistency and entered into SPSS version 25 spreadsheet and the collected data crookback test yields 80% which is good reliability. The data presentation and analysis and findings are discussed in this research material and the regression analysis result has a significant positive relationship. And from the ANOVA table above the significance value .05 is larger than the calculated significance value of 0.001. Finally on the basis of the data analysis and its result we reached into a conclusion and recommendation.



conclusion and recommendations.