The Effect of Working Environment on Employee’s Job Performance: In the Case of Unilever Manufacturing PLC

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This research is set out to find the effect of working environment on employee’s job performance in the Case of Unilever Manufacturing Plc in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The working environment parameters used are Physical working environment, Workload, Reward, Training and Working from Home (WFH). The research used Quantitative research and explanatory research design to explain effect of independent variables on the dependent variable. Descriptive analysis was also used to describe the characteristics of the data and produce meaningful analysis and make conclusions. To analyze the collected data, a statistical tool called statistical package for social science (SPSS) version 24 is used. The type of sampling technique used is a simple random sampling method. Therefore, from a population of 219 employees, a sample size of 142 was taken out. From this sample size, it was managed to collect 141 correct responses for analysis making the response rate 99%. The finding of the research emphasizes that the physical working environment, workload, and training have positive and statistically significant effect on employee performance. Contrarily, reward and work from home presented statistically insignificant effect. From the regression analysis, it was found that Training has the highest correlation with job performance followed by the physical environment and workload. Based on the result, recommendations were made for the management that it will benefit the company to modernize and refurbish the physical environment in a continues basis to make employees more productive and make them a source of innovative ideas. Workloads need to be managed well to not push the employees to work beyond their limit and since they are happy with the scheme of the training, the company will benefit by exploring new ways of giving different kinds of training to boosts up the efficiency of its employees



Job Performance, Working environment, Unilever Manufacturing Plc